Sergi Constance is a bodybuilder and very famous fitness model with an amazing workout routine and diet plan. He is the WBFF Pro Muscle Model champion and sponsored athlete from Spain. His great physique body is legendary and he has been featured on the covers of Muscle and Fitness and Iron Man Magazine among others.

Before we started, this workout routine and diet plan by Sergi Constance, we highly recommend it to you for great physique body. Especially if you dream to become a famous fitness model.

Sergi Constance is 6’1″ (185 cm) tall and his weight is 185 lbs (95 kg).

But, Sergi Constance doesn’t always have a great physique and even great diet plan.

In fact, before he got this high title, he had been an overeater in his teenage years.

He loved to eat fatty food which made Sergi obese and far away from having great physique.

But when he saw Evan Centopani, an IFBB professional bodybuilder, he got inspired by his body and started to change his life.

So, Sergi Constance started exercising and eating right. And now because of his great physique body, he becomes a very famous fitness model.

Workout Routine and Diet Plan by Sergi Constance

Workout Routine and Diet Plan by Sergi Constance

If you are trying to find a good diet plan and workout routine, you can try with Simeon Panda’s, Lazar Angelov’s, Ulisses Jr’s. and also the workout routine and diet plan by Sergi Constance.

You can be a fitness model too, just follow some workout routine and diet plan like this one by Sergi Constance.

And, no matter which one would you choose, if you follow the routine properly, you will definitely have massive gains. You could also become a fitness model and have a really great physique.

Now, first, let’s see what’s the diet plan is and then the workout routine.

This is the diet plan from Sergi Constance:

This is diet plan by fitness model Sergi Constace for great physique body

Diet plan by Sergi Constance

  • First Meal: Oats, two whole eggs and six egg whites, cottage cheese
  • Second Meal: Red Meat, Walnuts and Six Rice Cakes
  • Third Meal: Rice, Chicken, Walnuts, and Tomatoes
  • Fourth Meal: Whey Protein Shake, Two Rice Cakes and Glutamine
  • Fifth Meal: Tuna or Tuna Salad with Walnuts and Vegetables
  • Sixth Meal: Salmon or Salmon Salad with Walnuts and Vegetables

And this is the Sergi Constance workout routine:

This is workout routine from Sergi Constance for great physique body

Workout routine from Sergi Constance

Monday – Calves / Quads

  • Leg Extensions: five sets for every 9 to 20 counts
  • Squats: four sets of 9 to 15 repetitions
  • Leg Press: four sets of 9 to 15 counts
  • Another Leg Extension: three times for every 20 counts
  • Seated Calve Raises: four sets for every 12-28 reps
  • Standing Calve Raises: three sets for every 9 to 12 raises

  Tuesday – Abs / Chest / Triceps

  • Bench Press: five sets for every 9 to 20 presses
  • Hammer Press: four counts for every 9 to 15 hammer presses
  • Dumbbell Flat Fly’s: 10 repetitions for every four sets
  • Chest Press: four counts for 9 to 12 repetitions
  • Dips: three sets for every 10-20 counts
  • Triceps extension: three rounds of 9 to 15 times
  • Skull Crushers: four rounds for 10 times

  Wednesday – Biceps / Back

  • Lat Pulldowns: four rounds for 10 times
  • Low Row: four rounds of 10 repetitions
  • One Arm Dumbbell: three rounds for eight to 15 repetitions
  • Reverse Lat Pulldowns: eight to 15 counts for every three rounds
  • Deadlifts: four rounds for 10 counts
  • Hammer Curl: three sets of eight to 20 repetitions
  • Preacher One Arm Dumbbell: three rounds for eight to 15 times

  Thursday – Rest day / Leg day


  Friday – Traps / Shoulders

  • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: four rounds with eight to 20 repetitions
  • Seated Lateral Side Raises: four rounds with eight to 20 counts
  • Rear DeltPed-Ek: four sets with eight to 20 counts
  • Upright Extension: four sets with eight to 15 reps
  • Dumbbell Shrugs: five sets with eight to 20 reps

  Saturday – Abs / Hamstrings / Height

  • Lying Leg Curls: four series of eight to 20 repetitions
  • Stiff-Legged Deadlift: four sets of six to 12 repetitions
  • Hamstring One Leg Curls: 10-20 times for every four rounds

  Sunday – Rest day

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