Some people find it harder to find time for training. They think that when they already have a chance to exercise, they should be forced to do as many exercises as possible and with as much intensity as possible. But, in the opinion of a top coach, this kind of exercise is wrong and causes more harm than benefit.


Firas Zahabi, chief trainer at the Tristar Gym Training Center in Quebec, Canada, believes that constant exercise is much more important than intense exercise.

In one interview, Zahabi said: “I really believe that we should never feel pain – you have to train the next day to wake up and feel good.”

According to him, such thinking should be applied regardless of whether you exercise regularly or only occasionally visit the gym.

“Let’s say you can only 10 push-ups. Even if I put a gun on your head, you’ll still not be able to do 11 push-ups. Well, does that mean that I need to force you to do 10 push-ups every training? No, but I’ll tell you to do five push-ups, so the next day you’ll do five more, so the day after that you will do six. When you make six push-ups easy, you will do seven.” – Firas Zahabi said.

He also says the forcing of each training and pushing the body to the final limit is counterproductive, as it will take more time for rest and regeneration, which reduces exercise time.

“Exercise produces energy, but you do not have to overbite it, because it will make the body feel tired. Never cross the red line,” added Zahabi.

Instead of exercising with high intensity, try to exercise as often as possible. This will increase your endurance and reduce muscle pain, which is probably caused by the additional burden that you should not inflict on your body.