Do these exercises once a week for one month than start the advance exercises. The legs occupy almost a half part of your whole body and they are very important to exercises them.


We developed a workout routine for the starters who want get in to training and strengthen and build some muscles.
This exercises are easy, creative, fun and no fitness props are involved, you can train them in your home, outside or in the gym.

Start training legs, if you don’t want to be like this guy.


legs calves squats calf


You can put this workout in your weekly training routine and you will definitely feel the burn in your legs. For harder and advanced exercises: check Male Exercises → Legs and check our tips for proper Nutrition. For now, check our YouTube video. It starts with squats: reps: 10-20, sets: 2 and then few other exercises which you’ll need to do as a beginner.



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