Do you want to make your workouts be on another level? From now on, start exercising with exercise ball. With exercise ball you will get more muscles, strengthen your core and gain more stability. Exercise ball is also known as balanced ball and stability ball.

The exercise ball can be used in a number of ways and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home, so it’s perfect equipment for your home gym. Here are the other top 5 best gym equipment for weight loss in home.

But are you wondering how can you use the stability ball?

If you don’t know how can you use the stability ball, now we will tell you. First of all, the stability ball can be used as a desk chair and it’s perfect if you are longer time in front of a computer. You can use the exercise ball as substitute for a bench, to improve your stability. If you’re accustomed to performing exercises with a stable bench, using an exercise ball will require firing up your core, hip, and shoulder stabilizers in a new way. But you should start by using less weight on the exercise ball, because it’s less stable than a bench.

Exercise ball, or stability ball can be used for ab exercises, hamstring rollouts or some sort of very light weight if you need it for some exercises. Maybe the first few times you will not like the exercise ball, but after few workouts, you will fall in love with it. It’s more challenging and you will gain more. You are gaining more muscles, stability and also psychological strength.

How can you gain psychological strength?

Well, while you exercise with the exercise ball you are thinking much more, you are focusing on more things. You have to focus on the ball, on the muscles, on the exercise that you do. You must focus much more, because it’s new way of training for you and you can’t do everything at once. But, you must think and focus so you can do everything right. Maybe it will be hard at the beginning, but you will strengthen your mind but not giving up. It’s really good mind exercise and we have an article which you can check about best brain exercises you can do right now.

You are interested, but you don’t know which size you need?

The best size for balanced ball will decide your height. It’s really important that your stability ball fits your body. The balanced ball is available for individuals under 4 feet, 6 inches to individuals who are more than 6 feet, 2 inches tall. People that are less than 4 feet, 6 inches require a 30 cm ball. If you are between 4 feet, 6 inches to 5 feet tall, should choose a 45 cm ball. From 5 feet to 5 feet, 5 inches, select a 55 cm ball. If you are between 5 feet, 6 inches and 6 feet, 2 inches, use a 65 cm ball. Or if your height exceeds 6 feet, 2 inches tall, opt for a 75 cm ball.

You are amazed how practical is and you want to buy it right now?

Of course, balanced ball is very practical and it’s just perfect equipment for workout in home. From weight loss in home to building big muscles. You can buy this equipment for your home from Amazon by clicking the picture above.

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