If you want to get more muscles, then you better get ready to do some hard work and prepare for slow gains.

There are millions of routines and exercises to gain muscle mass and strength, but these are the best three exercises to get the best results faster as possible.

You can do exercise hard a lot, but without these exercises, your muscle mass gain will be very, very slow. These are proven ways about how to gain muscle mass.

I must say, that I love these exercises and I will like the Incredible Hulk (haha) when I do them and I’ll say that are 100% proven ways to grow your muscle mass.

Also, because you are interested in mass gain, you will be interested in growing your arms muscles.

These are hard exercises, you must be prepared mentally before all and warmed up before exercising. But, rep by rep, you will gain strength and your muscles and mass will grow.

Also, you need to know that if you want to gain more muscle mass and increase your biceps size – you need to learn about resistance training, diet and rest.

Don’t force your body a lot. For example, don’t lift 100kg, if you can’t lift even 50kg. Work hard, but don’t force when you can’t, because you can hurt yourself.

Are you wondering what should you drink after exercising, so you will get results even faster? Just read this article and you will find out what to drink after exercising.

Okay, enough talking, let’s see the proven ways about how to gain muscle mass:

1. Squats

Proven ways about how to gain muscle mass with squats

If you’re looking to be powerful and get some serious results faster, this is one of the best exercises that should be everyone’s routine.

We all need to know, if we want to get muscle mass, squats are the best exercise for it. We will have a result for legs including quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, this is one of the best exercises for legs.

With squats, we hit most muscle groups in the body and we can get faster results.

2. Deadlifts

If you need to do one exercise this is one of them to do it. Including squat. A lot of exercises require a lot of equipment but not a deadlift. Just a bar with some weight. Usually, this exercise needs to be done on the days when we work for our back.

This exercise can beDeadlift exercises for muscle mass done anytime but is best to do it later in your workout. If squats аре the king of all exercises to get serious muscle mass and strength, this is the second exercise to build more muscles and superpower.

Deadlift works on your lower and upper body and also hit other muscle groups in the body.

3. Bench Press

Take a deep breath in and lower the bar with control to the upper part of your chest should be at about 45-degree angle with your body. The bench press exercise activates a large number of muscle groups.

If you cannot do more push-ups – this is one of the best exercises to help you to increase the number of push-ups. Use the bench press to first increase your upper-body strength, with bench you are also working deltoids, triceps, and abdominals.

Bench press for muscle mass