The food before and after the training has an important role in achieving the desired results. Learn what food to eat, and which food has more proteins, that you need for recovering and growing your muscles.

What task has a meal before training?

  • The meal before training has a task to make our body ready for the whole process of the training. This meal should provide us enough energy, to endure the entire physical effort that is expecting us during the workout.
What To Eat After Workout To Gain Muscle

What To Eat After Workout | Food Protein Table

Which groceries should be eaten before training?

  • It would be ideal if in the meal you have some of the next groceries:
  1. Banana – they are an excellent source of carbohydrates. With this, the feeling of satiety retains a fairly long time, and that is a great guarantee that our body will be resistant to fatigue from the workout.
  2. Tomato – is an excellent source of potassium, which makes it easier to sweat the body when there is greater physical effort when you exercise and prevents muscle fatigue.
  3. Nuts (walnuts) – they are full of fibers, which are the best type of carbohydrates that can be consumed before training. They provide a long-term source of energy, and not impeding the digestive system or an internal function of the body. Also, nuts are rich with magnesium, which plays an important role in preventing inflammation and cramps into muscles that are exposed to the effort during the workout.
  4. Integrated cereals – they are a great choice when it comes to a meal before training. They contain fibers, but also vitamin B, which actively participates in the process of energy utilization inside the body.
  5. Water – it is necessary for the body, before, during and after the workout, because when the body is in great physical effort, it releases a lot of fluids and it is necessary to have a new source for replenishing the worn out and not to get to dehydration.

What kind of task does the meal have after training?

  • After we have finished the training, the organism needs a necessary source of all the elements needed in the process of muscle mass formation. At the top of the list of such elements, proteins are found, but vitamins and minerals are not less important. Therefore, after the workout, food must be healthy, varied and quality.

What to eat after training?

  • White chicken or turkey meat – it’s full of proteins. That’s the reason why it will contribute to the formation of muscles.
  • Boiled eggs – in only one boiled egg, there are about 6, 3 grams of protein.
  • Milk – has a major role in the process of muscle formation. It’s full of minerals that are necessary for the body after training.
  • Green vegetables – it is rich in magnesium (Mg) which serves to prevent inflammation and muscle cramps.
  • All types of fresh fruits and vegetables – the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, allows the body to reach the necessary sources of vitamins and minerals. When the body after training is supported by vitamins and minerals – it is more resistant but also more rested.

Vitamins and minerals occupy an important place in the formation of muscles. They preserve the muscular and bone system, which are exposed to the effort during the training, but they also help with other functions in the body.


Proteins are macromolecules that makeup 18-20% of the human body (found in the blood, muscles, skin, bones).


Proteins are vital to human health. They should make up 10-15% of the daily meal. The need for protein can be quantitative (depends on the amount of nitrogen) and qualitative (depends on the number of amino acids). It’s considered that 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight should be taken daily. In pregnant women, 6 grams of protein should be added, and in infants – 17 of grams proteins with high biological value (eggs, milk).

More about proteins, you have in the protein table down below:

What To Eat After Workout To Gain Muscle, Food Protein Table

What To Eat After Workout To Gain Muscle and Food Protein Table