Most of the people nowadays want to lose a few pounds. Maybe you’ve tried everything about how to lose weight naturally, but still no results. It’s time to make some changes and be truly dedicated. Without dedication, nothing can be achieved, that’s rule number 1!


Here we have 10 easy weight loss tips for everyone. There’s nothing special that you need to do, everything it’s very simple and you’ll lose weight very fast. It’s time to read our how to lose weight naturally advice and practice it regularly.


1. Drink Water

how to lose weight naturally

  • Observational studies have shown that people who drink mostly water have up to a 9% (or 200 calories) lower calorie intake. Drinking water before a meal suppresses your appetite and it’s 100% calorie-free. You can try adding lemon or some mint to it. Here are the most important health facts about water.



2. Lessen your intake of fast-foods and sweets!

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna say to completely stop eating them right away. That’s a hard thing to do and you will just break your streak of not eating, because of how badly you’re craving for them. I suggest you lessen your intake and you will eventually just stop. Fast-foods contains about approximately 836 calories and they’ll make you feel so bloated afterwards. If that alone doesn’t encourage you to lessen your intake, then are you really trying?


3. Have multiple meals

  • I believe having multiple small portion meals throughout the day is better than 3 big portions throughout. 3 big portions will just make you hungrier, hence, eating more. yikes.


4. Eat breakfast

easy weight loss tips

  • Breakfast is very important. Eating breakfast activates your thermogenesis (the production of heat in the body) and stimulates your metabolism. Missing breakfast has the tendency to make you overeat during lunch, because of how hungry you are. Check our Nutrition category for choosing the right food for the whole day.



5. Exercise

  • If you’re very lazy when it comes to exercising, I suggest you not to force it. Start small, with easy body weight exercises (check our YouTube Channel for beginner exercising videos). Don’t start doing those long-tiring exercises, because they will just make you lazier and just lose the motivation. Start with stretching every morning, it will definitely wake you up! While waiting for the shower to heat up, you can do some squats. Slowly add exercises into your routine and everything will fall into place.


6. Walk/Run

  • If exercising fails, then walk. Nothing beats walking. Walking alone can help you lose about 450 calories. If you wanna spice it up, go for a run. Running will shed your fats and build muscles.


7. Green Tea

green tea

  • Everyone knows that green tea has lots of benefits! Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine. It’s loaded with powerful antioxidants called catechins. Catechins are believed to work synergistically with the caffeine to enhance fat burning. Buy now Lipton Green Tea Bags.




8. Brush your teeth after dinner

  • Many people recommend brushing your teeth flossing right after dinner. After that, you won’t be as tempted to have a late-night snack. Give it a try, maybe it works! Buy the Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste.


9. Honey with lemon and water

  • lose weightIt is believed that drinking the honey and lemon water mixture every morning on an empty stomach boosts metabolism which helps you lose weight. This miracle drink does a lot more than speed up weight loss. It helps you get a clear face and so much more! This is recommended by me, on a general basis, because it works wonders.



10. Don’t “diet”

  • Diets are honestly good for short terms but not for long term. If anything, people who “diet” tend to gain more weight over time, and studies show that dieting is a consistent predictor of future weight gain. Instead of going on a diet, focus on becoming a healthier, happier and fitter person. Nourish your body, instead of depriving it.