Eight items without which we can not live are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber oxygen and water. Our body consists of 55-78% of water. Daily through respiration and elimination of toxins (removal of toxins from the body) we lose 1.7 liters of water.


Fresh fruits and vegetables have high water content. The water that you get through them supplies you with a rich mixture of micronutrients that the body can easily absorb. Non-alcoholic drinks can not replace water.

What are the functions of the water?

  1. Regulates digestion.
  2. Helps in the excretion of harmful waste materials from the intestines and kidneys.
  3. Water slows down aging.
  4. It regulates body temperature.
  5. Water nourishes the skin and affects the beauty.
  6. Increases energy. If you feel tired and exhausted, drink a glass of water. Well, when the body has enough water, the energy level is higher.
  7. It accelerates the build-up of muscles, increases their durability and protects against cramps.
  8. It reduces stress.
  9. Water is a basic component of the blood, about 92% of the blood is water.
  10. The water helps you to exercise better and longer. . If you drink enough water, you will have more energy and strength to finish the exercise.

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The lack of water leads to:

  • Problems with constipation (constipation)
  • Headache
  • Tired
  • Muscle pain
  • Low pressure
  • Problems with the kidneys
  • Skin dryness.

It is necessary to drink 1 liter of water per 25 kg body weight per day.

Water is indispensable for life. People can survive much longer without food than without water. The only thing we need more for life than water is the air. Insufficient water intake leads to dehydration.

Water is also very important for every athlete. Read this post and find out how to get your fitness desired results.


Factors that affect the feeling of thirst

  1. Protein intake – people who do not get enough protein can not maintain the proper blood level.
  2. Age – people aged 60 years and above despite the physical need for water do not feel thirsty.
  3. Alcohol – the loss of water in the body depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and therefore, with alcohol, drink and water

You know what the lack of water leads to and the functions of the water. But do you drink water enough? If not, then start drink water more because now you know how important it is for your health and body.