Regular exercise and healthy eating are a winning combination for losing weight and maintaining a healthy and vita line. Instead of starving, it is important that you burn more calories than you enter. But, you are asking how would you consume fewer calories? Don’t worry, we have the answer.

With these advice from the nutritionist Susan Nibergall, you can make changes to your eating habits by which you will consume fewer calories, and you will not even notice it.

1. Cook in home

It is very important to have full control over the way you cook and eat the food. When you are cooking your own food, you can choose exactly which foods you will enter and in what condition.

2. Use smaller dishes

When you put a smaller serving on a smaller plate, your mind thinks you need more food. But, if you use smaller dishes, your brain will think that you’re eating more and with that, you’ll feel fed with less food.

3. Limit the bread

Depending on the meal, the bread can really be unnecessary redundancy. If you learn to eat some of the dishes without bread, then you’ll reduce 300 to 500 calories per meal. Keep the bread for snacks or for breakfast, combined with home made sauces such as humus. When you eat bread, always choose an integral or rye bread.

How would you consume fewer calories?

6 simple tricks to consume fewer calories

4. Drinks without calories

Instead of sweets, carbonated beverages choose mineral water with lemon or natural juice. Learn to drink black coffee, without a sweetener or cream.

5. Use spices

The sauces, especially those made in a bottle or jar, are full of calories and preservatives. Spices improve the taste of food without additional calories.

6. Eat more vegetable

Almost all types of vegetables are low-calorie. When you put more kinds of vegetables into the bowl and fill it with flavors and colors, you will not have a need for calorie snacks.