Dream is almost for everyone to bring his body to a great physical and psychic form. Ripped body improves self-esteem, health, beauty and gives a more secure tone. All this requires regular physical activity like cardio training at home and exercise and a healthy diet.

Everyone deserves to achieve their goals and live their dreams. We will teach you now about carbohydrate intake, how to lose body fat fast and also how to make a ripped body fast. These days everything we want to be as fast as possible.

The body’s appearance depends on 70% of the diet and 30% of the exerciseѕ. This is why carbohydrate intake is as important as cardio training at home or any other physical activity.

Do you want to reduce fat tissue?

If you want to reduce the fat tissue of your body, first stop consume unhealthy foods from the agenda like sugar, fat, carbonated juices (this is the healthiest juice to drink), white flour, and salt in large quantities should be minimized or completely ejected from the diet.

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For their replacement, eat rich foods with healthy:

Carbohydrates (fruits, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, white and brown rice, barley, quinoa …)

Proteins (eggs, cheese, fish, white meat, peas, nuts …) (Here is why you should consume more eggs…)

Fats (vegetables, eggs, olive oil, nuts, fish, avocado, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds …)

Carbohydrate intake is important to be 80% complex carbohydrates and 20% simple carbohydrates only after training for muscle mass growth.

When it comes to reducing excess fatty deposits of your body it is important to feed low-carb foods, daily doses ranging from 50 to 150 g.

This low carbohydrate intake should take several weeks. Proteins should be fed about 1.5-1.8g per kg body weight and fat about 0.8-1g per kg body weight.

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Body fat reduction is based mostly on cardio training, such as running, cycling and cardio-dynamic exercises (a variety of skipping, intense running in place, rope jumping, explosive symmetrical and asymmetrical movements).

The essence of cardio training at home is to be long-lasting, with medium or high intensity and with multiple repetitions. It should be done 3-4 times a week.

The most effective time for cardio training is when the glycogen level in the muscles and blood glucose level аre at the lowest level, which is in the morning.

With regular physical activity and this cardio training, you will lose body fat fast and make the ripped body of your dreams.

Well, lose body fat fast, make a ripped body and make your dreams come true. In addition, suggestion exercises for cardio training:

Cardio training to lose body fat fast and make ripped body

Cardio training to lose body fat fast and make ripped body

Well, what we’ve learned from this article? That with proper carbohydrate intake and physical activity like cardio training at home in this situation (also, it can be with other exercises, but this time we covered the cardio training), you will be able to lose body fat fast and build ripped body from your dreams.

Feel free to share this article if you find it helpful, so other people will learn how to lose body fat. Make someone happy now. You have that power now, use it.