If your goal is to weaken the stomach area, it usually seems like a painstaking fight. It is exactly the stomach that is the part of the body which is most commonly exercised by people who workout, and the results often come after a lot of hard work and time. We also have for you the best exercises for fat burning around the stomach.

The good news is that results can be seen in the first few weeks of exercise, of course – if you work hard and smartly.

“The reduction in the volume of the waist can be noticed in just two weeks,” says personal coach Jim White.

“How many centimeters you will decrease in volume depends on person to person, but also on how intensive is the workout and how you eat.”

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Jim White also explains that you need to consume a minimum of 1,200 calories per day to allow the body and brain to function.

White also said: “The large volume of the waist points to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. You may lose a few centimeters in volume within two weeks of starting exercise, and those with more fat in the abdomen will soon see the first results.”

Jim recommends a combination of aerobic exercises and strength training. One of the best exercises for fat burning around the stomach is tabata – exercises at high intensity intervals that involve 20 seconds of intense exercise, then 10 seconds rest.

The other coach, named David Chesworth says: “Those who focus both on diet and exercise are more quickly melting fat around the stomach compared to those who have chosen only one or the other.”

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