It’s good to train different variations of exercises and involve a little bit of movement (for example on the first exercise). That’s good for better functionality on the muscles, more control on the upper body and good for pumping and shredding the muscles on the shoulders.

When going forward certain muscles are involved like: pectoralis – major and minor, posterior and anterior deltoid. For better visualization, you can check in our Muscle Anatomy category.

The third exercise is push-ups – not regular push-ups but with your hands closer to your hips. That way you make more tension to your shoulders and that’s how you will feel pain, “No pain, No gain”!

Very hard exercise, but also very effective. All these beginner exercises are natural movements, they are easy and fun to do.

These are the best beginner exercises and will help you grow bigger and more muscular shoulders without using any fitness equipment. They are free and you can do them wherever you want, indoors or outdoors you choose.

These exercises are not that easy to do, but they are worth putting them in your weekly training for shoulders.

Do these exercises once a week for one month. After that, you will see that your shoulders are bigger and ready for advanced exercises.

Watch this video to see these shoulder beginner exercises:

Check the Before & After pictures and see all the successful people that made breathtaking transformation with their bodies, only by using our workout and proper nutrition program.