Everyone is talking about the new fit line of the famous British singer Adele. With a lot of effort, she lost more than 100 pounds. The incredible transformation surprised her fans.

Isolation does not prevent her mission to look perfect! The singer has obviously achieved her goal and everyone is wondering what is the secret of her success.

World-famous singer Adele appeared at the party after the Oscars, organized by Jay-Z, and provoked positive public reactions to her unrecognizable figure.

Here is also a workout and diet plan by Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner’s workout and diet plan 2020.

If Adele lost 100 pounds, you can do it too!


How Adele lost 100 pounds, what’s the secret to her success?

She achieved the incredible transformation thanks to the sirtfood diet.

This diet is based on consuming plant-based food such as kale and buckwheat, ie products that stimulate the body to secrete an enzyme known as sirtuin.

He achieved an incredible transformation thanks to his sirtfood diet.

This diet is based on consuming a plant-based diet such as prosciutto and buckwheat, ie products that stimulate the body to secrete an enzyme known as sirtuin.

This diet has attracted the attention of the public. It is based on consuming kale, buckwheat, strawberries, citrus fruits, dates, olive oil, dark chocolate, green tea, red wine, apples, parsley, turmeric, blueberries.

It must be emphasized that meat does not belong to this group of products, but it is allowed in this diet!

Calorie intake is controlled. The first 3 days are limited to 1000, then increase to 1500 by consuming green juices and sirtfood diet.

All of these products have a beneficial effect. They reduce appetite, speed up metabolism, and activate the secretion of sirtuin.

The diet is carried out in 2 rounds and lasts about 3 weeks. There are specific recipes and diet plans.

In addition to her new diet, Adele followed her workout instructions from her coach, Pete Geracimo. His plan is based on high-intensity training, but no longer than 35 minutes. A reward after every successful workout is delicious and healthy meals.

“The intense workouts you do at intervals mean loading your body as much as you want it to. 30 seconds of exercise, then 30 seconds of rest.

If you follow this exercise regimen and combine it with a good diet, then it is a sure way to burn fat and get a great feeling,” said Pete.

The Sirtfood diet has become very popular and is practiced by many celebrities. In addition to Adele, this diet is used by Pippa Middleton, chef Lorraine Pascale, and model Jodie Kidd.



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